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New feature: Ruby on Rails and WordPress installers!

New feature: Ruby on Rails and WordPress installers!

by Sean

Today we launched the first of many application installers to come to Slamdot. Application installers help you easily setup popular web-based software for your website.

Ruby on Rails and WordPress installers

WordPress installer

The WordPress installer sets up a new WordPress blog for you with just a few clicks. The installer ensures that your file permissions and configuration parameters are all set properly. You’ll be blogging in no time!

Ruby on Rails installer

The Ruby on Rails installer automates the creation of new Rails applications. All you have to do is provide a name for the application and your database connection details. The installer handles the rest of the setup process.


We hope that you enjoy these two new features. We will be adding additional installers by request. So, if you’ve got a favorite script or web application that you’d like to see included, shoot us an email and we’ll take a look!